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    SUPERTOY! THE #1 DRAW-OFF BATTLE – 19.12.2023

    Festhalten fürs SUPERTOY DRAW-OFF, dem Acapella Battle Rap der generativen Gestaltung. In dieser Arena der digitalen Pinselstriche und kreativen Prompt …

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  • basic Unity2D project setup with multiple scenes and UI (german)

    Diese LIVECODING Session dreht sich um das grundlegende Setup einer Unity Anwendung in FullHD mit mehreren Szenen und den Umgang …

  • 2d
  • basics
  • unity
  • Latent Consistency Models

    With the experimental Latent Consisteny Models, we can use like a default LORA, we can generate images way faster than …

  • ai
  • lcm
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  • stablediffusion
  • Turboflip’s AI PAPER’s

    Turboflip’s AI papers is a collection of basic tutorials, artistic experiments and advanced projects around open source Stable Diffusion / A1111 interface.

    designing with self trained minimalistic LORA models

    With KOHYA, we have an open source tool, to train our own LORA models on our home machines. This can …

  • ai
  • kohya
  • lora
  • stablediffusion
  • complex compositions with combined controlNET masking in A1111

    This, more elaborate, method of image creation is based on a drawn sketch and a segment map, that is used to guide the interpretation done with the prompt.

  • ai
  • composition
  • controlnet
  • experiment
  • stablediffusion
  • Unity 2D Krabbelgruppe

    basic_assets_2d_scene assets_physics asset_physics_done dingso spritesheet animation

    Hommage und Fortführung von Christina’s Welt von Andrew Wyeth

    This is an hommage to Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World with applied AI based image generators.

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    12/2023 SUPERTOY! THE #1 DRAW-OFF BATTLE – 19.12.2023
    11/2023 OSC Mania
    11/2023 basic Unity2D project setup with multiple scenes and UI (german)
    11/2023 Latent Consistency Models
    11/2023 Turboflip’s AI PAPER’s
    11/2023 designing with self trained minimalistic LORA models
    11/2023 complex compositions with combined controlNET masking in A1111
    10/2023 Unity 2D Krabbelgruppe
    10/2023 Hommage und Fortführung von Christina’s Welt von Andrew Wyeth
    10/2023 experimental photographic composition with A1111/Lora
    09/2023 paint2paint experiments
    09/2023 Deforum&Lora Experiments
    09/2023 ONE BUTTON AI _v2.0
    09/2023 kommende Ausstellung: KI IST LANGWEILIG!
    09/2023 generative illustrations with controlNET & img2img
    09/2023 experimental segment drawing tool in p5.js for controlNET/StableDiffusion
    09/2023 design experiments with inpaint sketch/A1111
    09/2023 experiments in upscaling images in A1111/ControlNET and ComfyUI
    09/2023 experiments in outpainting in A1111
    09/2023 segment painting experiments with ControlNET/A1111
    09/2023 experimental render pipelines in ComfyUI
    09/2023 pushing styles in generative images with LORAs in Stable Diffusion
    09/2023 experiments with shared latent image in ComfyUI / Stable Diffusion
    09/2023 Tensorflow Lite for ESP32
    09/2023 late night creative workflows with Stable Diffusion/A1111
    09/2023 experimental morphing of facial expressions with Deforum/Stable Diffusion
    08/2023 design lighting with CONTROLNET
    08/2023 experiments with ScribbleNET & ControlNet in p5.js
    08/2023 experimental sketching prompt with Stable Diffusion in p5.js
    08/2023 experiments with DepthHED & ControlNet in p5.js
    08/2023 basic prompt engineering guide for Stable Diffusion
    08/2023 experimental realtime preprocessing img2img workflows with Touchdesigner
    08/2023 synesthetical experiments with machine learning
    08/2023 Unsupervised training of custom LORA tools
    08/2023 Fun with Stable Diffusion Scribble ControlNet
    07/2023 img2img rendering workflows in ComfyUI
    07/2023 TOUCHY MOSS
    06/2023 Write and Read from Arduino/ESP’s EEPROM
    06/2023 Keypad as Keyboard Simulator
    06/2023 1fps racing game
    06/2023 The FITTER:BIT
    06/2023 Shaderpaintings
    06/2023 PLANT CANYON
    05/2023 sun powered laser engraver for your pocket
    05/2023 µTWO – the minimalist local multiplayer game console – 32×8 version
    05/2023 7 segment display with Arduino
    05/2023 Blender vs Automatic1111
    05/2023 Arduino2Processing with SerialData
    05/2023 The baby swing
    05/2023 Hey, see all those fireflies? ehm stars?
    05/2023 advanced animation with spritesheets in Processing
    05/2023 audio to image with Stable Diffusion and p5.js
    05/2023 PROTOPIA
    05/2023 planty balancy
    05/2023 flowers need to be blown, right?
    05/2023 generative shape drawing in Processing
    05/2023 radial reflection in Processing
    04/2023 Spritesheet Animation in Processing
    04/2023 simple head ballin with Kinect
    04/2023 quick balance board building with ESP32 and Unity
    04/2023 How to setup PlatformIO, Arduino, ESP32 in VSCode
    04/2023 simple Arduino Joystick to Unity via Joystick.h
    04/2023 gyroscope data to unity via Arduino serial
    04/2023 Webcam as visual sensor
    04/2023 img2img Experiments with StableDiffusion | Lora | Hypernet
    04/2023 himmelhoelle
    04/2023 It’s all there somewhere in the clouds :)
    04/2023 textile pressure sensitive surface
    04/2023 The HEAD:SET
    04/2023 The E:PHONE ONE
    04/2023 The E:PHONE TWO
    03/2023 AlignmentVR
    03/2023 ANFASS – tactile interfacing with AI
    03/2023 „hihihide behind the clouds“ – the most minimalistic one poti game
    03/2023 Processing2Arduino – optimized firmata setup – UPDATED!
    03/2023 Hello Processing
    03/2023 Press Here for Art
    03/2023 aleatoric drawing with my AI
    03/2023 simple parallaxing scene in Processing with Stable Diffusion
    03/2023 Wifi Outdoor Gaming Console
    03/2023 stylized animation of body motion with Stable Diffusion / OpenPose
    03/2023 Playing with the LEGO grid
    03/2023 Motionbuffer to Material and Shape /Touchdesigner2Stable Diffusion
    03/2023 contemporary dance footage vs. Stable Diffusion/ControlNet/OpenPose
    03/2023 liquid experiments with JS and GLSL
    03/2023 ESP-NOW multiplayer
    02/2023 receipt printer
    01/2023 µFOUR – the minimalist local multiplayer game console – RGB matrix version
    01/2023 µTHREE – the original minimalist local multiplayer game console
    01/2023 The Keyboard Synthesizer aka another minimalistic TEENSY synth
    12/2022 pixel based animation to CPP
    12/2022 silicone soft touch interface
    12/2022 THE WOBBLY GRID
    12/2022 prototypes and experiments in PICO-8
    12/2022 How to upload and share your PICO8 creation
    11/2022 Animation experiments with AI/Stable Diffusion
    11/2022 The unglaubliche ᴏɴᴇʙɪᴛ:ɢᴀʟʟᴇʀʏ – the most minimalistic digital art gallery
    11/2022 How to: Azure Kinect to Unity