SCRXY LoRa – experimental style training with Kohya with preprocessed images made in Processing IDE

This experimental training process is based on image data, that is produced by a custom, hand written script in Processing IDE. It is inspired by the aesthetics of copper engraving prints and uses a simple flock drawing algorithm to produce surreal defragmented dynamic images. This workflow explores the possibilities to use custom generative tools to create proper AI tools based on artistic preferences.

custom tool to create the training data

webcam based drawing tool based on Processing IDE

You can review several versions of this application and use it as you like. Check the other TURBOFLIP ENTRY.

img2img usage

The scrxy LoRa can be used as a way to create abstractions of existing images. As LoRas can be trained and used to induct a specific style into the diffusion process, it becomes interesting from an artistic and aesthetical perspective.

img2img with srcxy LoRa
img2img with srcxy LoRa – complex scene

model download

You can review and download the LoRa for free at civit.ai – Share and credit love!