experimental LoRa training with Kohya


some part of PLATTE training images

PLATTE is an experimental LoRa trained on photos of GDR socialist architecture. All training pictures are handmade in Leipzig Grünau, Germany. The aim with this project is to inject old GDR architectural aesthetics in the diffusion process. This is why the training photos come with specific visual compositions and abstractions to bring that in.

blended PLATTE LoRa
platte LoRa with black and white photo offset
platte LoRa with panorama – analog photography


part of the MAE LoRa training dataset

MAE LoRa is trained on cropped photo snapshots of goats and sheep. All photos have a discrete composition and focus on color, composition and interesting structures – means, the aesthetical component is prior. Therefore, the LoRa is trained primarily as style. It can be used to guide your whatever images with the „fluffy“ appeal of the LoRa.

MAE LoRa injection test


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