Deepfake Face Tools

Preprocessed portrait workflow

simple paintover img2img preprocessing workflow – original / overpaint / rendering


LivePortrait is an Open Source Toolset to create convinving(?!) deepfake videos from only a simple image and a puppeteering video. This is not a realtime pipeline, but fanatastic for better quality experiments on lower end computers.

Test yourself on HugginFace – DEMO


Big shoutout to AISearch for pointing this tool out in this Youtube video. Give them proper credit too 🙂



DeepFaceLive comes with the approach to deliver Realtime Deepfake infrastructure. Again, this toolset developed by IPEROV is capable to run on default gaming PC’s. With pretrained face models, up to ten faces can be replaced in realtime and piped as a normal webcam feed to any other source. Give it a try and learn.