Advanced API implementation of ComfyUI in Touchdesigner


SIMPLE IMG GEN DOWNLOAD: simple_image_out_json

IMG2IMG_BASIC: img2img_basic

The author olegchomp provides us a simple interface to ComfyUI – props on that! – The workflow needs to be implemented in the TouchDesigner project itself. Check out for updates and current download at his github page: TDComfyUI.

To make it work, just create a workflow in the default comfyUI environment and export it in the API version as *.json. Just throw this file into your TouchDesigner project and connect it to your ComfyUIAPI node. Keep in mind, that the output node in ComfyUI needs to be a WebSocket node to send data from Comfy to TD.

Basic img2img interfacing ComfyUI in TouchDesigner

DOWNLOAD: basic_img2img_comfy_td_workflow.json

after inserting the workflow json, just connect your source image to the comfy node

DOWNLOAd TD WORKFLOW: TD_basic_img2img_workflow

image feed 2 DepthNET to image out

DOWNLOAD td_2_img_depth_wf.json

DOWNLOAD TD WORKFLOW: TD_img_2_depth_imgout_comfy_workflow