currently happily under construction :)


TURBOFLIP is a community of heads from different walks of life and age groups, united by an idea of a human-centered vision for our future. Each TURBOFLIP member is developing prototypes, from various professional and project backgrounds, which visionate different aspects of a sustainable future in a wide variety of professions and angles.

This is a current quick list of lovely flippin‘ heads

Daniel Adlmüllerdesign / workshop
Franziska Kinderdevelopment / engineering / design
Hanna Thumadesign / workshop
Kristin Fritschdevelopment / engineering
Lena Seik – mediation / management / curator
Tania Kolbe – mediation / design / workshop
Tristan Schulze – artist / design / development
Uwe Fischer – mediation / workshop
Wenzel Reichmuth – electronics / engineering / activism

In lovely memory and as hommage to Rallo, the original Turboflipper, a.k.a. Ralph Niese ⚡❤️⚡