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  • µFOUR – the minimalist local multiplayer game console – RGB matrix version

    development blog of a minimalist 16×16 rgb LED matrix interaction and gaming console

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  • animation
  • esp32
  • fastLED
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  • µTHREE – the original minimalist local multiplayer game console

    µTHREE – VERSION II The second version of the µONE is a slight update for three players – each one button and a LED ring as playground. The builtin game can be described as a …

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  • µTWO – the minimalist local multiplayer game console – 32×8 version

    updated 32×8 matrix This updated version makes use of the very limited, but therefore simple matrix library made by ELECTRO707. It comes with basic buffer routines to animate text and images along the display. main.cpp …

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  • The Keyboard Synthesizer aka another minimalistic TEENSY synth

    The TEENSY microcontroller is a special device because of it’s very powerful lib written for it – the Teensy Audio Library which makes it possible to create a respectable variety of synthetic sound with a …

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  • pixel based animation to CPP

    How to create a pixel based animation and use them in embedded systems like Arduino or ESP32.

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  • pi¢໐วค๓! !Ausfall!

    pi¢໐วค๓! – der most minimalistischste Gamejam 2022

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  • silicone soft touch interface

    silicone soft material as a base for digital user interface design

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  • touch

    How to build a basic grid and create a simple wobbly fullscreen animation.

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