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(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ E:Robics ♥
the electronic aerobics workout program

// esp32 with analog joystick in >>> variables from 0-4095

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    Improved prototype version III Improved prototype version II Building the device First prototypes Haptische Benutzeroberfläche Die Benutzoberfläche des FITTER:BIT kann mit unterschiedlichen haptischen Orientierungssystemen versehen werden. Die hat den Vorteil, das lediglich durch haptisches Feedback …

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  • Shaderpaintings

    „The machine is not only the tool, it is the material too.“ ( Daniel Botz ) – Alle digital erzeugten Dinge sind immer durch die Maschine selbst geprägt. Shader sind essentielle Programme, die dafür entwickelt …

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    PLANT CANYON Ausgangssituation In Anbetracht der Dringlichkeiten durch Klimakrise, der einhergehenden Verkehrswende und damit Notwendigkeit zur Umgestaltung von Stadt, halten wir es für notwendig, den urbanen Raum Schritt für Schritt vom Ort des Konsum, des …

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  • sun powered laser engraver for your pocket
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  • µTWO – the minimalist local multiplayer game console – 32×8 version

    updated 32×8 matrix This updated version makes use of the very limited, but therefore simple matrix library made by ELECTRO707. It comes with basic buffer routines to animate text and images along the display. main.cpp …

    7 segment display with Arduino
  • basic
  • display
  • led
  • segment
  • Blender vs Automatic1111

    Playing with Grease Pencil and sculpted shapes This SD call runs with almost default prompt settings and postive prompt of: bio material white translucent, curvy voronoi pattern, curvy model, overgrown with moss and plants, dirty, …

  • a1111
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  • stablediffusion
  • Arduino2Processing with SerialData
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  • Fun with Stable Diffusion Scribble ControlNet

    grayscale scribble to form This grayscale map is not really recognized by the ai, but reinterpreted – so there are quiet some interessting results here with this prompt: ((detail of dirty fur and hair wet …

  • ai
  • drawing
  • experiment
  • scribble
  • stablediffusion
  • The baby swing

    The diffuse bed The visualization shows the reactive state of the ai reacting to video feed in, therefore motion and training pulse.https://glslsandbox.com/e#101349.1 The main setup

  • ai
  • processing
  • raspberrypi
  • Hey, see all those fireflies? ehm stars?

    simple starfield simulation combined with spritesheet animation This sketch refers to a custom creates spritesheet animation system for Processing – check more details here: https://turboflip.de/advanced-animation-with-spritesheets-in-processing/ It combines a simple starfield simulation with a 2D mouse …

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  • advanced animation with spritesheets in Processing

    multiple animations with random placement and phases This sketch demonstrates how to use simple object classes to animate multiple explosions with each a different animation phase independently in a loop simple singular animation placement the …

  • animation
  • basics
  • pixel
  • processing
  • spritesheet
  • audio to image with Stable Diffusion and p5.js

    rotational, voice controlled painting with mouse input advanced voice controlled painting with mouse input interpretations through manual Stable Diffusion img2img basic setup of fft analysis

  • audio
  • experiment
  • fft
  • js
  • p5
  • stablediffusion
  • ONE BUTTON AI _v2.0

    „ONE BUTTON AI“ ist ein minimalistischer interaktiver Prototyp, der sich mediativ mit dem Trainingsprozess künstlicher Intelligenz auseinandersetzt. Das Stück besteht nur aus einem Arcade-Button und einem radialen RGB-LED-Ring. Das Konzept ist bewusst minimalistisch gehalten: Per …

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    Protopia is an experimental collection of positive futuristic scenarios – illustrated and developed with common AI tools. BIO ACTIVE WORKWEAR The collection features modified living bio-materials derived from fungi, moss, and fern, which form the …

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    06/2023 The FITTER:BIT
    06/2023 Shaderpaintings
    06/2023 PLANT CANYON
    05/2023 sun powered laser engraver for your pocket
    05/2023 µTWO – the minimalist local multiplayer game console – 32×8 version
    05/2023 7 segment display with Arduino
    05/2023 Blender vs Automatic1111
    05/2023 Arduino2Processing with SerialData
    05/2023 Fun with Stable Diffusion Scribble ControlNet
    05/2023 The baby swing
    05/2023 Hey, see all those fireflies? ehm stars?
    05/2023 advanced animation with spritesheets in Processing
    05/2023 audio to image with Stable Diffusion and p5.js
    05/2023 ONE BUTTON AI _v2.0
    05/2023 PROTOPIA
    05/2023 planty balancy
    05/2023 flowers need to be blown, right?
    05/2023 generative shape drawing in Processing
    05/2023 radial reflection in Processing
    04/2023 Spritesheet Animation in Processing
    04/2023 simple head ballin with Kinect
    04/2023 quick balance board building with ESP32 and Unity
    04/2023 How to setup PlatformIO, Arduino, ESP32 in VSCode
    04/2023 simple Arduino Joystick to Unity via Joystick.h
    04/2023 gyroscope data to unity via Arduino serial
    04/2023 Webcam as visual sensor
    04/2023 img2img Experiments with StableDiffusion | Lora | Hypernet
    04/2023 himmelhoelle
    04/2023 It’s all there somewhere in the clouds :)
    04/2023 textile pressure sensitive surface
    04/2023 The HEAD:SET
    04/2023 The E:PHONE ONE
    04/2023 The E:PHONE TWO
    03/2023 AlignmentVR
    03/2023 ANFASS – tactile interfacing with AI
    03/2023 „hihihide behind the clouds“ – the most minimalistic one poti game
    03/2023 Processing2Arduino – optimized firmata setup – UPDATED!
    03/2023 Hello Processing
    03/2023 fun with the ControlNet Tool Palette
    03/2023 Press Here for Art
    03/2023 aleatoric drawing with my AI
    03/2023 simple parallaxing scene in Processing with Stable Diffusion
    03/2023 Wifi Outdoor Gaming Console
    03/2023 stylized animation of body motion with Stable Diffusion / OpenPose
    03/2023 Playing with the LEGO grid
    03/2023 Motionbuffer to Material and Shape /Touchdesigner2Stable Diffusion
    03/2023 contemporary dance footage vs. Stable Diffusion/ControlNet/OpenPose
    03/2023 liquid experiments with JS and GLSL
    03/2023 ESP-NOW multiplayer
    02/2023 receipt printer
    01/2023 µFOUR – the minimalist local multiplayer game console – RGB matrix version
    01/2023 µTHREE – the original minimalist local multiplayer game console
    01/2023 The Keyboard Synthesizer aka another minimalistic TEENSY synth
    12/2022 pixel based animation to CPP
    12/2022 silicone soft touch interface
    12/2022 THE WOBBLY GRID
    12/2022 prototypes and experiments in PICO-8
    12/2022 How to upload and share your PICO8 creation
    11/2022 Animation experiments with AI/Stable Diffusion
    11/2022 The unglaubliche ᴏɴᴇʙɪᴛ:ɢᴀʟʟᴇʀʏ – the most minimalistic digital art gallery
    11/2022 How to: Azure Kinect to Unity
    11/2022 TURBO_ONE
    11/2022 toddling with text to image machine learning tools
    11/2022 Can we build a rottable electronic device?
    11/2022 cyberpunk fashion outfit in discrete body pose
    11/2022 Energy Harvesting Finger Orthese
    10/2022 Shadergraphing Midjourney Output in Unity
    10/2022 SPEECH IN : SPEECH OUT
    10/2022 OMG, these bunnies are so cute in VR!
    09/2022 audiosensitive dotpainting with p5.js
    07/2022 Proto-Dog
    07/2022 Moving Paper Fortune Teller
    06/2022 advanced object touching with LeapMotion in Unity/C#
    06/2022 realtime video collage with p5.js
    06/2022 Instant Prototypes
    06/2022 swarming around with Unity/C# – wip!
    06/2022 generative sampler/music in C#/Unity
    06/2022 How to read multiple RFID Readers with Alla
    06/2022 ESP32/TTGO 1.2 gyroscope data to BLE to p5.js
    06/2022 touchy chord progression in p5.js
    06/2022 Drawing with the magic frog in p5.js
    06/2022 How to make a standalone MIDI controller from your Arduino to send stuff to your Browser :)
    05/2022 simple touch input from ESP32 BLE to p5.js
    05/2022 Let’s setup LeapMotion with Unity
    05/2022 Realtime Audio Analysis with Unity/C#
    05/2022 playing with simple mic amplitude & p5.js
    05/2022 Arduino based emulated keyboard to p5.js
    05/2022 audiosensitive drawing with p5.js
    05/2022 audio sensitive particles with p5.js
    05/2022 simple webbased keyboard synth with tone.js & p5.js
    05/2022 remotely touching – Realtime OSC communication with C# and Unity and LeapMotion
    05/2022 piping 6 analog axis from ESP32 gamepad via BLE to p5.js
    05/2022 How to send interpolated analog values from Arduino to p5.js via fake keyboard
    05/2022 playing with dancing mesh + velocity + oop – LIVECODING TV #3
    05/2022 webbased Arduino theremin – LCTV #6
    05/2022 exploring virtual volume with LeapMotion and Shader Graph / Particle System
    05/2022 audioreactive particles in p5.js