experimental sketching prompt with Stable Diffusion in p5.js

One often overlooked img2img feature around A1111 is the simple sketch function. In combination with conventional prompting, we can use simple pixel paintbrush sketches in basic colors to guide the generative system in moftif, composition, colors and details. This is a brilliant tool for a creative brainstorm or quick visualization of a complex idea.

with a local running Stable Diffusion A1111 instance, you can use this demo

cloth based head sculpture

Not even we can play with abstract imagery, we can use the sketch feature to creatively complement the design and creation process itself. As we can feed the AI with basic visual sketch info, we can further improve sketch and prompt, to find the desired result. Final prompt is: (( inflated oversized glossy portrait made from yellow and orange cloth parachute curvy minimalist )), traditional textile patterns , wet drops dirty, sharp, contrast, fat, solid light grey background with heavy rain drops from sideways, complementary pastel colors

SKETCH 2 IMG #interation 1
SKETCH2IMG #iteration 2
SKETCH2IMG #iteration 3

abstract creature combined with typo

We can use the pixel paint preset to offset a basic composition. This can be creativly wild as wanted. With the additional inpaint sketch function we can even add typography to the rendering.

PROMPT: photography of a fluffy curvy surreal furry bio creature liquid paste, glossy reflective realistic porcelain, wind, dense fog in background, complementary pastel colors
INPAINT SKETCH : can be used to even place typography ( somehow ) in the motif