CYBERTOXIC AI Post & Preprocessing with Touch Designer and ComfyUI

ComfyUI and Touch Designer are both pretty powerful, node-based, toolkits that allow the development of complex workflows. With TouchDesigner as main visual processing tool and ComfyUI as AI workflow controller, we have a pretty neat combination to design and play around with generative AI.

camera input with effect chain, mirror and graphics overlay


The ComfyUI toolsets are mainly use as some kind of rendering engine in this project. We preprocess realtime camera input and send this image data as base64 string to the comfyUI input node. Processing is done and the result are sent back to Touch Designer via websockets.

comfyUI to TD workflow – input image comes as base64 string and goes out a websocket push



Touch Designer is the hosting toolkit for this project, as we operate pre- and postprocessing with it. Raw video footage is preprocessed filtered, mirrored, colorgraded and added with static graphic overlays – then fed into the comfyUI interface. The results from comfyUI are processed again to gain custom aesthetics.

pre- and postprocessing + comfyUI controlling in one workflow



comfyUI to TD Plugin by OLEG CHOMP

Please check out the tookit i used for this workflow by OLEG CHOMP!