Blender vs Automatic1111

Playing with Grease Pencil and sculpted shapes

This SD call runs with almost default prompt settings and postive prompt of: bio material white translucent, curvy voronoi pattern, curvy model, overgrown with moss and plants, dirty, fluffy clouds and fog wet surface – The image similarity is crucial here – means depending on your input, you need to play with the values for best result.

variation I in perspective and image similiarity
variation III in perspective and image similiarity
variation II in perspective and image similiarity
basic raw scene with sculpted objects and surface painted grease pencil drawings

testing consistency

Blowing out fancy renderings from basic geometryis nice – but how about consistency? These examples show different angles of the same scene run through the same prompt of: many houses in city with (( plants and moss overgrown )) , cyberpunk concrete, dynamic, realistic

a raw prompted rendering of the scene
direct stable diffusion rendering answer
perspective variation I
perspective variation II

first test renderings

This first setup comes with a quiet simple scene of primitives in a basic Blender default scene. Working with a simple Blender plugin and a locally installed version of SD/Autmatic1111 is quiet a start.