Shadergraphing Midjourney Output in Unity

basic interaction scene

Based on the previous setup, this sketch applies basic key interaction to „navigate“ through a image made scene. This is more of an illusion, than an ai generated room. But who cares 😉

the setup is quiet simplistic – just two layers that create a base for any parallax style
one very basic script, that manages both rig and camera behaviour based on key input


using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class ai_world_walker : MonoBehaviour

    // two separate materials for each parallax layer
    public Material tiled_background_mat;
     public Material tiled_background_mat_mid;
    // offset vectors - pretty clear
    Vector2 _off = Vector2.zero;
    Vector2 _rig_rot_off = Vector3.zero;
    Vector3 idle_motion_off = Vector3.zero;

    // all transform data of the camera rig and the camera itself
    public Transform camrig_transform;
    public Transform camera_transform;

     // speed of motion and rotation - you can play with this 
     float speed = 10.0f;
     float rotationSpeed = 30.0f;

    void Update()
        // save time in t var - because typing Time.time sucks
        float t = Time.time;

        // slow idle motion of the rig
        idle_motion_off.x = Mathf.Sin(t*.13f)*.4f;
        idle_motion_off.y = Mathf.Sin(t*.1f)*.15f;
        idle_motion_off.z = Mathf.Sin(t*.16f)*.13f;

        // get key input from player one
        float translation = Input.GetAxis("Vertical") * speed;
        float rotation = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal") * rotationSpeed * .09f;

        // apply input to texture offset vector
        _off.y = translation*.02f;
        _off.x += rotation*.004f; // modify offset of map!
        // apply offset vector to both materials
        tiled_background_mat.SetTextureOffset("_BaseMap", _off);
        tiled_background_mat_mid.SetTextureOffset("_BaseMap", _off);

        // rotate and move the rig too - makes it more dynamic
        _rig_rot_off.y = -rotation*1.63f;

        camrig_transform.rotation =  Quaternion.Slerp(camrig_transform.rotation,Quaternion.Euler(_rig_rot_off), .00914f);
        camrig_transform.position =  idle_motion_off;
        // make the camera breathe motion along y axis
        camera_transform.localPosition  = new Vector3(Mathf.Sin(t*.6f)*.3f, Mathf.Sin(t*1.6f)*.1f,-10f) ;

        // let the camera zoom in with user input
        Camera.main.fieldOfView = 55f -translation*1f ;


basic flythrough scene

This simple shadergraph example displaces a dense vertex mesh along a grayscale depthmap in z-dimension. The depthmap is generated by a pretty powerful free online tool available at https://convert.leiapix.com/#/.

Having the #midjourney generated figurine and a background image, that is seamless ( use –tile prompt addon ) and a proper depthmap. we can construct a simple scene.


The complete project – part ONE & TWO – is temporarily over here: ( UNITY 2019.4.32f LTS)