prototypes and experiments in PICO-8

sʇuǝɯıɹǝdxǝ puɐ sǝdʎʇoʇoɹd

Working with pico8 offers a quiet straight forward way to finish an interaction idea in a forseeable time. Although the following programs are no fully balanced games, there is quiet a lot effort and ideas for full games in it. Have a peak 🙂 – All prototypes are uploaded @the LEXALOFF universe – the built in „Appstore“ of pico8 – therefore, all code is fully available for you on this platform and even if you are capable to use your developer tools of your browser 🙂

Let’s follow the cops back home

This deals with a simple approach to create a very basic scene. A police man in the middle of some suburban work in heavy rain. We do not get a clue about the context of it. Codingwise creating the rain effect was a central challenge with this.

OMG, these bunnies are so cute in VR!

The underlying message of this experiment is pretty clear… bunnys are cute, right? Coding wise we have several challenges: creating many VR Zombies, a performant collision detection, z-stack of all sprites and last but not least – procedural bunny crushing animations 🙂

Mom, we all like eating bubbles!

This is the perfect game for potential escapist. You can float in a colorful bubbly universe and earn score with eating bubbles. Even if you don’t – there will be no end of the fun.

The ONE:BIT:COP driving experience

This quiet minimalistic driving experience has a lot of potential to excalate! Means color, means running over things, crashing … or even silently drinving for hours!

ცąɬɬƖɛცཞıɠąɖɛ ㄒㄩ尺乃ㄖ

Games with fruits totally suck – if you are hungy an lack of of color, go eat something and watch your school pencils.. haha. – Or play Battlebrigade. Here is cute fruits kicking each others butts, ehm, fruit thingys. You know what i mean. This programm is a running prototype/demo but no full game. Get inspired 🙂