design experiments with inpaint sketch/A1111

The inpaint sketch feature is probably the most suitable tool to further develop an existing motif with new elements. It is necessary to notice, that there will be only plausible results, if you have insights of the used prompt cloud, used checkpoints and Lora’s. There is a very versatile balance needed between the description of the exisiting motif/style and the new elements, so the composition stays relevant! See the examples for yourself 🙂

Adobe Firefly has a pretty impressive inpaint module, that adds contextually and stylistically well to the existing image.

Adobe Firefly inpainting example testing dedicated painterly styles
original image where we take the arm to redesign
inpaint sketch over the image needs to be plausible and suitable for your prompt

positive prompt + stilistic lora integration
dirty robotic tentalces detailed riffled distressed tubes mechanical bio white and pale unsaturated orange glossy curvy,
diffuse light, distorted lense, surrealism style, (unsaturated complementary bright pastel color palette:1.2),
curvy rough excentric detailed brush strokes, sharp

variation in Sampler, denoise strenth and cfg created a wiede variety of outcomes

Inpainting Sketch in Stable Diffusion A1111

It is crutial to pick the right detail and style in the sketch and the suitable Sampler and denoise factor. There is no fixed ruleset for this, because this setup highly depends on what you like to inpaint. Time to play 🙂

Inpaint sketch / DIM Sampler / denoise 0.66

(( contemporary oil painting of tentacles bio inspired shapes shell cables cyborg glossy white )), sharp, edges, wet sweaty dirty , short brush strokes , monochrome color scheme, unsaturated colors
Negative prompt: blur
Steps: 35, Sampler: DDIM, CFG scale: 7.5, Seed: 241959354, Size: 512×760, Model hash: 9584e2c050, Denoising strength: 0.64, Mask blur: 1, Lora hashes: „DiscoElysiumStyle: 864a597a0601“, Noise multiplier: 1.05, Version: v1.6.0