cyberpunk fashion outfit in discrete body pose

a solid base

First, creating a solid base for the body pose or any other setup is very helpful to kick-off with the AI. Therefor I used the free online tool: https://app.justsketch.me/ to come up with a basic pose I then overpainted artfully 🙂

img2img & overpainting

Using the Stable Diffusion img2img feature, we can use prompts and masks to modify an exisiting image. You can use a local installation for this, or for testing purpose, this online instance: https://replicate.com/stability-ai/stable-diffusion for free. Taking this output and overpainting it results in quiet surprising direction. You need to be flexible in where you are heading 🙂

adding a background and merging

Adding a background is straight forward just overpainting the existing image with a very heavyweight prompt. Over here, i used „stairset, rain dark background“ as prompt.

fixing highlight, shadows and ai-ish defects

The SD AI often comes with very sloppy results, so adding highlight, shadows and some corrections around continuity is an obvious finishing step.